Nuragica® is the new original Edutainment format able to attract and emotionally hang the visitor to the Sardinian cultural identity within an easy and charming way to present the subject.
Thanks to the Immersive Virtual Reality (the ultimate tech frontier in the cultural goods industry) and to an educational story telling path unfolding between real and virtual scenarios, Nuragica® offers the visitor a leading role in a captivating though almost unknown history page.

NURAGICA breathes new life in the Nuragic main characters!

The exhibition path built around the events of the population who gave birth to the most important civilization of the Western Mediterranean Sea during the bronze age in Sardinia, conducts the visitor in a surprising journey through time with a high educational and touching value.

The original storytelling, performed by professional guides and archaeologists providing scientific information, the fantastic scenarios, the impressive 1:1 scale recostructions, the detailed reproductions of the bronze tiny statues (Bronzetti) increased in size, the Nuragic costumes created by expert artisans and the Immersive Virtual Reality enable NURAGICA to offer its visitors a full immersion in a part of the world throwing back 3500 years!

Virtual Reality

Nuragica is a journey beyond time and space

An interactive and extremely involving experience which will make you feel as a main character within the wonderful scenarios of the Nuragic era.

The full immersion will give you the impression of walking inside a prehistorical village!

Nuragica in TOUR

After the great success of the past editions held in Olbia, Sassari and Barumini, Nuragica has now prepared a special edition for its first stop-over in the heart of the island. keep on reading...

I° Olbia – Archaeological Museum (June 24 th – November 19th 2017)

II° Sassari – Former Carmelo Convent (January 5th – April 29th 2018)

III° Barumini – Nearby the Nuragic Village (June 15th 2018 – January 16th 2019)

IV° Nuoro – Multifunctional Community Center (Since February 16th – Current)