NURAGICA – ARZACHENA EXPERIENCE« is a completely revisited edition of our exhibition on ancient Sardinia. Contrary to the temporary exhibitions in Olbia, Sassari, Barumini and Nuoro, the storytelling path for the first time is an open-air course, rich in variety. It allows the visitor to immerge into Sardinian life 3,500 years ago, with a compelling dialogue of real and virtual impressions.
With NURAGICA the visitor becomes a real traveler in time. An extraordinary experience awaits you in Cannigione, nearby the famous Costa Smeralda.

NURAGICA tells the story of the ancient Sardinian people and will answer the most frequently asked questions about the nuraghes and giant’s tombs, about rituals and myths: What is a nuraghe? How has it been constructed? In the giant’s tombs, were there really giants? Who were they?
The visitor discovers one of the most fascinating cultures in the Mediterranean and throughout Europe. The archaeological sites of Sardinia come to life and the visitor will be able to imagine the daily life of the nuragic people.

“Edutainment”: The nuragic culture in Arzachena

NURAGICA – ARZACHENA EXPERIENCE is “edutainment” pure: An experience with added value, both educational and emotional. The guided tour is s scientifically sound and at the same time, will accompany travelers into the past, allowing them to become a part of history and life in ancient Sardinia. During the guided tour you will enter the nuragic world in real scale dimensions, surrounded by reconstructions, different landscapes and impressions.
In this special edition NURAGICA digs deeper into the local archaeological sites of the “Parco Archeologico di Arzachena”, considered to be one of the most spectacular and representative sites in Sardinia. There is, for example, the Giant’s Tomb Li Lolghi in a real scale reconstruction. Rituals and myths of the Nuragici are discovered around these fascinating funeral buildings. Then the “travellers in time” will be guided through other rooms with curiosities and stories of the nuragic civilization. At the end of the tour, entertainment will be perfect with a virtual reality immersion.
NURAGICA is a really unique experience! After the big success on tour in Olbia, Sassari, Barumini and Nuoro during the past two years, NURAGICA is happy to return in Gallura and to grow more and more!
We are looking forward to welcoming you!


Monday to Friday h 16 - 19
Saturday and Sunday h 10 - 13 / 16 - 19
Book you guided tour visit at 389 5949055

The exhibition will close on October 27th 2019 

Ticket price for one hour of total immersion in Nuragica history:
ADULTS - Full 15 euro
CHILDREN - from 6 to 13 years Reduced 8 euro
UNDER 5 - free admission
DISCOUNTS FOR GROUPS AND SCHOOLS (please book in advance)

The ticket office closes an hour before.


Via Orecchioni Giacomo, Arzachena Loc.Cannigione - Free parking nearby

For information
tel +39 389 594 9055