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Blog tour Nuragica Together with:  @robadanatti@leplume_@sardiniamood


NURAGICA A NUORO A little more than a week has passed since the blog tour in which I participated Saturday February 16th together with other Instagrammers and Bloggers from all over Sardinia on the occasion of the inauguration of the "Nuragica" exhibition in Nuoro. For me it was the second time I visited (the first, about more than a year ago in Olbia at the Archaeological Museum) but, I confess, I was equally curious because I knew it would not be the same, many elements and the exhibition path are they have been increased and adapted also according to the context in which it is now located. go to the article

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From here until early May there is an appointment not to be missed in Nuoro. It is Nuragica, the traveling event exhibition organized by Sardinia Experience and promoted by the Municipality of Nuoro which, after the great success of the Olbia, Sassari and Barumini editions, occupied four hundred square meters of the Via Roma Multifunctional Center, at number 53 . Go to the article

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see the nuraghe in the hills that has always fought against the wind, fèrmati, a stranger, a moment because you've come to my Earth.

Nuragica is a leap in time to discover a glorious past that tells of warriors , of priestesses, giants and nuraghi. A fantastic story, revealed through the representation of those times. Suggestive, even if far from the places mentioned. An exhibition that cannot be called just an exhibition. Which is more a completely immersive experience in the civilization of times gone by. go to the article

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Nuragica - The exhibition. A journey through time to discover a fascinating and mysterious civilization.

Last Friday, February 15th I was invited to take part in an "educational tour" that involved tourist guides, tourism operators and bloggers for the Nuorese preview of the "Nuragica" exhibition. After the editions of Olbia, Sassari and Barumini, the large exhibition traveling event on the Nuragic civilization was preparing to make a stop in Nuoro, with the first opening to the public scheduled for the following day, Saturday 16 February. go to the article

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Eine Zeitreise durch 7.000 Jahre nuraghische Kultur

Die nuraghische Kultur auf Sardinien ist etwa 7.000 Jahre alt. So alt sind jedenfalls die menschlichen Siedlungsspuren auf Sardinien. Meine Güte. Ich erinnere ja kaum mehr, was letztes Jahr war – und da war ich noch selber dabei!  go to the article

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Nuragica, in Nuoro, the exhibition-installation between virtual reality and real history.

Does the word exhibition perhaps suggest an organization of artifacts and dated pieces arranged in a row and illuminated by small LEDs? In armored cases and fragments to be interpreted? But not here, here we make a journey through the history of the island, which winds through the rooms, the scenes and the secret passages, passing under doors of monoliths, rebuilt on a real scale, inside huts nuragiche, and even inside modern visors of virtual reality, between myths and water cults, without noticing the passing of time because Paolo Alberto's voice is an emotional guide. go to the article

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Nuragica in Nuoro. Immersive exhibition-event not to be missed After the editions of Olbia, Sassari and Barumini, the Nuragica exhibition-event finally stops in Nuoro, in the spaces of the Multi-purpose Center in Via Roma. I visited it on February 16th, together with other blogger and instagramer colleagues, on an educational tour and now I'll tell you why it's really worth going to see it. go to the article

Travel to Sardinia: Sara Muggittu & Marco Bellu
NURAGICA A NUORO "Time travel through 3500 years of history"

After the exhibitions in Olbia, Sassari and Barumini, Nuragica arrives at Nuoro. Opening on 16 February at the Multi-purpose Center in Via Roma. An interesting exhibition that combines reconstructions and virtual interactions, a journey through time and history of Sardinia. go to the article